Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner: Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution Concentrate Engineered Specifically as an Ultrasonic Glasses Cleaner for use in Sonic and Ultrasonic Machines.
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Eyeglasses 8 ounce.2
Eyeglass cleaning should be part of your daily eye care routine. Bring the sparkle, glimmer, shine, and CLARITY back to your eyeglasses! Dont settle for cheap multi purpose imitations. Our SCIENTIFICALLY ENGINEERED Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution reduces Eye Strain and Headaches caused by dirty glasses! This is the best ultrasonic cleaner for removing even the toughest grime, dirt, grit, grease and oils from your eyeglasses, lenses that can cause headaches and eyestrain as well as the nose pads, ear clips, screws, springs, and hinges, and frames. There is no better ultrasonic glasses cleaner for sonic and ultrasonic machines on the market!