Multi-Enzymatic Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution for Professional Instrument and Equipment Reprocessing. Concentrated. One Gallon.
Title :
Ultrasonic Enzymatic
  • SCIENTIFICALLY ENGINEERED ENZYMATIC CLEANER: Specifically designed to take advantage of the ultrasonic machine’s implosion of billions of minute vacuum bubbles. It is formulated to release enormous amounts of energy and safely remove contaminants from dirty instruments like scissors, tweezers, scopes, forceps, clamps, picks, scrapers, mirrors and more.
  • SAFE, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, NON ABRASIVE, NON CORROSIVE, NON FOAMING,  FRAGRANCE FREE, NO AMMONIA OR PHOSPATES, NUETRAL PH: Prevent damage to instruments from manual scrubbing and clean sensitive equipment safely.
  • SAVE TIME, MONEY AND GET MORE WORK DONE! As a leader is the Ultrasonic Solutions market on Amazon, Northwest Enterprises Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions are Fast, Effective, Thorough, and shipped to Prime customers in 2 days! Your staff can clean instruments and perform other essential duties while the instruments are being cleaned in our solution with Triple-action enzymes and proprietary surfactants.
  • REDUCE WORKPLACE INJURYS: Manual cleaning of sharp instruments leads to work place injury. Ultrasonic Cleaning with our solution decreases the risk of getting cut when cleaning sharp instruments.
  • INSTRUCTIONS AND RATIOS: Add one ounce per one gallon of water. For the best results follow the manufacturers guidelines for what temperature and frequency to use for each use. Cleaning times, temperatures, and frequency should be changed depending on what is being cleaned. Rinse thoroughly with water after cleaning. After rinsing, instruments should be thoroughly dried.