Vent Filter, Air Vent Filters, 48 Floor Vent Filters - 4"x10", 90 day filtration.
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  • ►ELECTROSTATIC MEDIA PREMIUM VENT FILTERS: Our air vent filters for home material is specifically engineered for your 4x10 air vent filter. Our air filter fabric is made of premium 100% polyester electrostatic material . They are engineered as vent filters for home, but can be used for many other DIY purposes. Keep your whole house fresher and reduce the amount of dusting and cleaning you have to do every week! A little investment in our vent filters saves hours of work every week!
  • ►SO MANY BENEFITS! CLEAN LESS dust in your home every week! SAVE TIME Cleaning! SAVE MONEY by not having to clean your air ducts! BREATH CLEANER AIR EVERY DAY! Replace furnace filters less often by using these filters on your return air vent register. They are the perfect filter for air vent and vent dust filter.
  • ►Reduce the amount of Air Duct cleaning every year using these for any air duct vent filter and house room vent filter needs such as a ceiling vent filter, register vent filter, air duct filter, filter for heating vent, ac vent filter, floor vent filter, vent filter
  • ►EASY INSTALLATION: To install remove the vent deflector and any air vent cover. Grab the vent register from the floor and pull up. Flip the vent register over and insert the filter between the grates and the vent. Reinstall the floor vent register with air filter and replace the air deflector.
  • ►***Do NOT use in every vent in your home. This is NOT intended to replace you AC/furnace filters***Replace every 30-90 days. This will depend on how many pollutants and unwanted air particles are in the city you live and the conditions of each home.