Vent Filter, Air Vent Filters Kit - Cut to Size Floor Vent Filters for home. MERV 8 Electrostatic Air Filter Roll & Adhesive Hook Tape(30+ Filters) (12" x 90" Triple Filtration)
Title :
FBA BLUE 12 x 90
  • ►PREMIUM MERV 8 TRIPLE FILTRATION: A vent register and return air register filters kit - Our cut to size air vent filters for home kit is specifically engineered filter material for your home vent filter needs. Our cut to size air filter fabric is 100% polyester that filters unwanted air particles that may cause sneezing, coughing, and red itchy eyes. Prevents debris from falling into the ducts and guards against creepy crawlees travelling in you air ducts.
  • ► QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION. This cut-to-fit HVAC filter media roll is compatible with all sizes of air vents, registers, and grilles. Covers all types of vents on floors, ceilings, walls, windows, AC vents and HVAC vents. Cut to any standard vent register sizes such as 4"x10", 4"x 12", as a circle vent filter or on return air vents. Perfect for DIY projects too!
  • ►THE BEST VALUE MERV 8 VENT FILTER MEDIA ROLL FOR YOUR MONEY! This Kit comes with a 90" x 12"roll of premium filter material and 24" of adhesive hook tape. Great filter fabric for homes, RV air conditioner filters, RV ac filter, mobile homes, campers, ac vent filter, window ac filter, and DIY projects.
  • ►SO MANY BENEFITS! CLEAN LESS dust in your home every week! SAVE TIME Cleaning! SAVE MONEY by not having to clean your air ducts! BREATH CLEANER AIR EVERY DAY! Replace Furnace Filters less often by using this as a superior pre-filter air vent filter, return vent filter, air duct filter, heating vent filter,
  • MADE FROM 100% NON-WOVEN POLYESTER: VERY LITTLE TO ZERO REDUCTION IN AIR FLOW! This series of filter is engineered from 100% non-woven blue and white polyester. Two distinctly different plies of media are utilized, each being more dense than the one preceding it. The progressively dense fiber orientation of each media layer enables the small micron size particles to depth load within the filter. Followed by an Adhesive on the MERV 8 for the final triple filtration.